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Carolyn Kern M.S.

        Carolyn Kern, co-owner of Bird-Kern & Dalmia, earned her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Washington in Seattle Washington in 1974 and her Bachelor of arts at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 1972. In addition to establishing a private practice with Marilyn Bird, her 42 years of professional experience has included work in hospitals and school districts and teaching at the university level. Ms Kern has expertise in evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of speech and language disablilities including; articulation, phonology, motor speech (apraxia, dysarthria etc.), receptive and expressive language, pragmatics (social language), voice, fluency and those related to a variety of syndromes. She has particular expertise providing evaluation and therapy for students on the autism spectrum and those with developmental delays who may demonstrate challenging behaviors. Ms.Kern also specializes in customizing communication programs for students who are non-verbal or have limited verbal skills, including evaluation and implementation of alternative and augmentative communication systems. She has provided consultation services to school districts, private agencies, group homes and offered in-service work shops on a variety of topics, and supervised university students in Speech/Language Pathology. Ms. Kern believes strongly in individualized programing with family/caregiver involvement throughout the therapeutic process.


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